FAQs — Rum City Locks and Security in Bundaberg, QLD


Rum City Locks & Security is a locally owned and licenced business providing locksmith and security services to residential and commercial clients in the Bundaberg region. We are specialised residential, commercial and automotive locksmiths, our security services include alarm and security system installations, security guards and security patrols. Read answers to frequently asked questions about our services.
What is the difference between replacing locks and rekeying? Which is the better option for me?
When we do a lock replacement, we remove the lock from the relevant door or window and replace it with a different model. It’s the best way to get the ultimate security and peace of mind at your apartment, home or business.

Lock replacements also mean that you receive the latest technology and a brand new lock that will last.

In contrast, rekeying is the process of working on the existing lock so that old keys do not work with the lock anymore.

If you are moving into a new house, apartment or commercial premises, rekeying is an affordable way to render the old keys useless. If you’ve lost a set of keys to your business and you’re worried about them being found and used to gain access to the premises, rekeying is an efficient way to make sure the old keys can’t be used in your locks. It does mean keeping the old lock which may need replacing in the not too distant future, depending on its age.
I am locked out of my house. What should I do?
Do I need an alarm system?
Can you open a safe for me if I’ve lost the key?