Security In Bundaberg


Commercial and residential security are critical aspects of our business. At Rum City Locks & Security, we have the right equipment, experience and training to help you with securing your property efficiently and affordably.

From IP and CCTV cameras to security alarms to 24/7 monitoring to security patrols and guards, we have you covered!
Our security services include:

  • Security & alarm installations Monitoring
  • Access control
  • CCTV & IP camera installations
  • Mobile patrols & static guards
  • Armed guards
  • Cash moves
  • Alarm response
  • ATM breakdowns & repairs
Three Security Cameras — Rum City Locks and Security in Bundaberg, QLD
Security is the most valuable commodity for many of our clients, we take your security as seriously as we do our own. When you book an initial consultation with Rum City Locks & Security, one of our experts spend time with you discussing your specific situation and security requirements.

This initial consultation enables us to form a plan of action. For instance, a client starting a new business may not be sure how to approach the security and protection aspects of their property and employees.
We can give you more information about how we have approached security for businesses of similar sizes and industries in the past. Then we can work with you to create a security strategy that fits your budget. Our security services are available for residential, commercial and government clients.

Security Installations

Rum City Locks & Security can manage every aspect of your security installation. If you need an alarm and camera system set up, we’ll choose the model that best fits your budget and situation before installing it on your property. If you prefer, we can connect your system to the local police responders but we also offer our own alarm response services.

Security begins from your front door and extends to every corner of your property. Access control systems are very beneficial and are often combined with remotely activated and monitored alarms that ensure you are instantly notified if there is a break in. Regardless of your security needs, you can count on Rum City Locks & Security to help you in Bundaberg and the surrounding areas.


A closed-circuit television, or CCTV system is an analogue camera system that monitors one or several areas of your residential or commercial property 24/7. Generally, CCTV systems record the footage to a local hard drive where it can be accessed in real time or as needed. It’s also possible to set up a camera system that operates over internet protocol. These systems transmit the footage digitally, allowing for access through various locations at your business or remotely.

If you are unsure about the camera system that is best for your home or business, Rum City Locks & Security will walk you through the pros and cons of CCTV vs IP cameras. Consult with us over your security needs in Bundaberg today.